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Health Benefits

Regular saunas boost immunity, mood, stress resilience and so much more. In healthy people, saunas can be used several times a week to benefit your overall health. 

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Sanctuary Sauna at Home

Private sauna barrels for health and wellness at home. 


Getting a sauna was the best thing we did last year and we are so thankful that we were able to work with real pros to make it happen.  Every time I'm out there I marvel at how beautiful and functional the barrel design is and how easy it is to keep clean.  I highly recommend Sanctuary Sauna.

Emily O.

Sanctuary Sauna was so accommodating, friendly, and helpful. Not only did we get what we paid for and assembly went smoothly, I already feel like I’m getting lots of get wellness benefits. And the sauna before bed has been lovely for winding down after long work days.  Jess shared so much of her wisdom about sauna culture, maintenance and care, and resources. 10/10 would recommend Sanctuary Sauna to anyone interested in purchasing a barrel sauna for their home.

Kate T.

We LOVE our barrel sauna! It was so nice to work with Sanctuary Saunas and have Jess’s years of experience and support to introduce us to the wonderful world of sauna. From clear communication to thoughtful accessory touches, Sanctuary provided all the resources we needed to create our own sauna haven. 

Abby H.